The Future of Fair Oaks Ranch

Planning & Zoning

P&Z Committee Materials


Latest zoning and Future land use maps (May 2018)

View drafts of the latest versions of the Zoning map and FLUM (Future Land Use Map). These maps reflect the latest conversions with staff, feedback from the town hall meeting, and discussion at the May 10, 2018 Joint City Council and P&Z Meeting. However, they are still in draft form.

Chapter 6: Implementation and Action Items (May 2018)

View a draft of Chapter 6 of the Comprehensive Plan. This chapter addresses short and long-term goals for the City of Fair Oaks Ranch. 


comprehensive plan draft (march 2018)

View an early draft of the layout of chapters 1 - 5 of the Comprehensive Plan. 

History of the project presentation

View a video presentation that shows the history of the plan from inception to today.