The Future of Fair Oaks Ranch

About the Project

What is a Comp Plan?

Let's make plans... 

City Comprehensive Plans – often called “Comp Plans” – are a tool to help communities plan where to invest money, energy, and resources for the future.

Rather than looking at one aspect of a city in detail – say, road and pavement conditions, with specific breakdowns by road mile or block – a Comp Plan takes a big picture view, looking at current snapshots and trends to help plan mid-to-long term options, aspirations and goals for a City.

The goal is to give City leaders information and guidance to chart the future direction of City policies and City departments in areas such as land use, transportation and utility infrastructure, recreation, housing, and capital improvements. The Comp Plan should lay a foundation on which to base the more detailed policy and financial plans that grow out of Comp Plan priorities. The Comp Plan is a kind of central organizing document by which citizens and City leaders agree to general strategies and direction for years to come.

Comp plans are particularly important as a compass in times of evolution and change. The City of Fair Oaks Ranch last completed a Comp Plan more than a decade ago, and it is time for an update. The consultant team, headed by Gap Strategies, includes a team of city planners, engineers, economic development experts, and mappers from across Texas.